Karachi: Euro Oil Pvt. Ltd. and Al-Haj Automotive Pvt. Ltd. have signed 5 years lubricants supply agreement. This agreement was signed by the COO of Euro Oil Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Sohail Ahmad and the MD of Al-Haj Automotive Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Bilal Khan Afridi. According to this agreement, products of Petronas Lubricants will be supplied to Al-Haj for Proton cars being manufactured in Pakistan. This will not only strengthen the relationship between the two companies but will also enable them to play their part in the progress of Pakistan’s automotive industry. Also with this partnership, customers will now be able to get high quality PETRONAS lubricants from Malaysia for their vehicles in Pakistan.

Euro Oil Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive marketer of Petronas Lubricants in Pakistan. Petronas Lubricants is an internationally renowned company that has a stature of its own in the automotive industry owing to its best quality products manufactured using advanced technologies.

Al-Haj Automotive Pvt. Ltd. is the only distributor and assembler of Proton in Pakistan. Proton is a renowned automotive company that is known throughout the world for its advanced technology, appealing automobile design and quality manufacturing.

The products of PETRONAS have especially been manufactured for Proton cars and play a pivotal role in enhancing the performance of these technically advanced cars. According to this agreement, Euro Oil Pvt. Ltd. will supply Malaysian manufactured PETRONAS Lubricants to Al-Haj. Petronas manufactures engine oil for Proton cars worldwide and that is why this agreement has been signed between Euro Oil Pvt. Ltd. and Al-Haj Automotive Pvt. Ltd. in Pakistan.