Catastrophic floods have caused havoc in Pakistan. An estimated 1/3 of Pakistan’s land is submerged in water. In this time of crisis, Proton Pakistan have launched ESAAR program, which aims to help countless people across the country by supporting them with ration packs full of daily food and supplementary essentials. We have made extra efforts to help and support the people of our beloved nation Pakistan by committing ourselves to our vision which not only aims at inspiring connections rather helping the community as a whole.

ESAAR program, holds values and emotions of our employees which reflect our devotion and unprecedented support to our nation proving Proton Pakistan is a brand moving forward but is also there to stop midway for the people who have been incapacitated by these catastrophic floods. We believe the way to move forward is to move forward together.

We believe we have a direct and noteworthy responsibility to society, as we build our visions into products, inculcate aspirational values, and foster a collective future ahead. Furthermore, we urge other brands to join hands and move towards helping the nation in their own respective capacity.