Proton Saga: Best Alternative for Hatchback Cars in Pakistan

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Proton Saga is a sedan released by Proton Pakistan , a Malaysian automotive company, in collaboration with Al-Haj Group in April 2021. Since its launch in Pakistan, Proton Saga has become a dream car for many due to its low price point and undeniably outstanding performance and the features it provides against its competitors in the market, especially against hatchback cars in Pakistan, crowning it with the title of the best alternative for hatchback cars in Pakistan and the intelligent choice by many in Pakistan.

A Featured-Rich Sedan at the price of a hatchback car in Pakistan

sedan car

Proton Saga being the best alternative against hatchback cars in Pakistan is a sedan that comes at an affordable price tag. The Price of the Proton Saga in Pakistan ranges from 28.2 Lacs to its higher variant priced at 31.5. Considering the current economic situation of Pakistan, Proton Saga, a featured-rich sedan by Proton Pakistan, is priced lower than the price of a hatchback, offering its users twice as many features as they would get in a hatchback while being affordable, allowing Pakistani consumers to enjoy a feature-rich sedan at the price of a hatchback car in Pakistan.

Features of Proton Saga

Proton Saga is a feature-rich sedan providing all the luxurious features listed, from Exterior & Interior, Infotainment Systems, Comfort & Convenience to Safety features found in top-of-the-line sedans and with a price cheaper than many hatchback cars in Pakistan.

Interior & Exterior

The Interior of Proton Saga comes with a new LED Map Lamp that illuminates the sight in the car when necessary, followed by the new Sun Visor with Ticket Holder and Mirror to keep the tickets handy. The Centre Panel is designed with essential buttons conveniently located within the ease of reach, allowing a person to take control of the car, followed by the Headlining and new Foldable Assist Grips, adding a touch of class and Convenience. The Exterior of Proton Saga comes with a new Bee-Sting Antenna equipping it with better reception of signals, followed by the LED Daytime Running Lamps equipping Proton Saga with better aesthetics. The New 15" Alloy Wheel Design complements the sporty look and adds a desirable appeal to the car, along with a Sporty Bumper and Spoiler with Rear Garnish for elevating the car's rear design. The Front Bumper and Grille add to a touch of class that Proton Saga equips its driver with. The Interior & Exterior of Proton Saga provides a luxurious appeal and adds more features than the hatchback cars in Pakistan.

Infotainment System

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The new upgraded infotainment system in Proton Saga keeps its user connected and entertained on the go with the 7-inch touchscreen monitor and smartphone connectivity; the passengers in the car are in for a musical ride on every journey they embark on.

Comfort & Convenience

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Comfort and Convenience are something Proton Saga excels in, which other Hatchback cars in Pakistan are struggling to provide. Proton Saga comes with USB Port connectivity, the passengers in the car can always plug in their phones or stream audio, moreover with Steering Switches for Audio & Hands-Free Telephonic Functions the driver of the car can always stay in control of the audio settings without moving their hands off of the steering wheel along with Electronic Door Mirrors with LED Turn Signal Lamps bring in practical functionality to ensure safe turning or lane changes. Proton Saga comes with the new 4-Speed Automatic Transmission with better fuel efficiency, all thanks to a new automatic gearbox. Proton Saga is also equipped with Steering Tilt Adjustment, Power Windows, Remote Trunk Release, and a New Meter Combination with Multi-Information Display & Eco Drive Assist to help the driver stay in control of the vehicle.


Safety is a factor that Proton Saga does not compromise on; with that factor in mind, Proton deliveries all Proton Saga variants with ASEAN NCAP 4-star rating ensuring a smooth and safe drive, the Reverse Camera in Proton Saga ensures the driver has a rear view while reversing the car. Proton Saga is equipped with an N95 Cabin Filter which provides filtered fresh air to the passengers ensuring bacteria-free cabin air, along with many features such as Parking Sensors, Hill Hold Assist, Brake Assist, ABS with EBD, Traction Control System, and Front SRS Airbags, to ensure the safety of all passengers.

Specifications of Proton Saga

Proton Saga, when compared to Hatchback cars in Pakistan, is a beast when it comes to its specifications. Proton Saga is equipped with a four cylinders DOHC 16 Valves Engine with an engine displacement of 1299 cc providing a Torque of 117 – 120 Nm and a Horsepower of 91-95 Hp providing a top speed of 180 KM/H. This offering by Proton Pakistan has a fuel tank capacity of 40L with a Fuel Mileage of 13 – 16 KM. Detailing about its space, Proton Saga has a seating capacity of 5 persons with a Boot Space of 0-420L. This unique offering by Proton Pakistan comes with an automatic and a manual transmission making it no less than a dream car for its users and a great competitor to hatchback cars in Pakistan.

Price of Proton Saga

Model Price Book Now
Proton Saga Manual Transmission (MT) Rs 2,824,000* Book Now
Proton Saga Automatic Transmission (AT) Rs 2,999,000* Book Now
Proton Saga ACE Rs 3,149,000* Book Now


sedan car

Proton Saga, currently in the Pakistani market, is a great alternative to hatchback cars in Pakistan providing a sense of luxury without compromising on basic or safety features. Moreover, Proton Saga provides an exquisite design that brings appeals to its users, adding to the style statement that hatchback cars in Pakistan are failing to provide.


  • Why is Proton Saga being offered at an affordable price with such features?

    Proton Pakistan's vision is to empower the Pakistani market with a vehicle that does not compromise on basic and safety features, that too with an affordable price tag.

  • Are all variants of Proton Saga similar?

    Proton Saga MT & AT have the same features except for transmission, whereas Proton Saga ACE contains additional features, including: Traction Control System, Electronic Stability Control, and Hill Hold Assist.
    In addition to this, Proton Saga ACE comes with PREMIUM 15" Alloy Rims, DRLs, Smart connectivity with a 7" inch Infotainment Head Unit, Front Parking Sensors, a Reverse Camera, Steering switches for Audio & Hands-free telephone, Premium seat fabric & Luggage lamp.

  • How many colors does SAGA come in?

    Proton Saga is offered in Rosewood Maroon, Armour Silver, Snow White, Jet Grey, Ruby Red & Quartz Black colors.

  • How is Proton Saga different from hatchback cars in Pakistan?

    Proton Saga is a sedan that provides features found in top-of-the-line luxury vehicles, and that too with an affordable price tag.