Proton Saga – Why it's the Best Sedan in Pakistan

There is a wide range of choices for a person looking forward to purchasing a sedan. But when it comes to a sedan that can be bought at the price of a hatchback without compromising the features, there isn't any choice except the only best sedan in Pakistan, Proton Saga.

The management of Al-Haj attended the inauguration ceremony of PROTON Alpha Rahim Yar Khan and shed light on PROTON’s future plans. The event was also graced by influential businessmen and entrepreneurs of Rahim Yar Khan and surrounding areas who appreciated the efforts of PROTON & Al-Haj with regards to delivery of quality products and services at their door steps.

Finding the perfect family car can be a challenge in Pakistan, given that adults, seniors, and children take up space in the car, pushing the idea of low-space hatchbacks out of the window. Car manufacturers in Pakistan are now facing a challenge to provide the perfect family car. However, most of them are struggling to deliver a car with ample space and necessary safety features under a price tag of 3 million PKR, except Proton.

A number of customers in Pakistan, when looking for a family car, find sedans to be more spacious than hatchbacks; however, the fuel economy that current sedans offer pushes them out of the category of a budget fuel economy car.

Proton Saga offers a variety of unique features for its customers and is an all-rounder in its category due to it being the best sedan in Pakistan under this range; it offers the space customers look for in a family car with ample seating room with a trunk big enough to store daily supplies along with picnic supplies as well. The current fuel average Proton Saga offers 13 – 15 KM, a plus point for many customers.

The most crucial element of a family car is safety which Proton Saga does not comprise. Saga is equipped with safety features such as ABS+EBD, airbags, electronic stability, & traction control, hill-hold assist, and parking sensors , under a price tag of 3.1 million PKR.

Proton Saga: Best Sedan in Pakistan with 22 Awards

These are not the only unique attributes of Proton Saga that make it worth spending your money on. But when it comes to awards and appreciation, Proton Saga has been awarded 22 times since its launch in Malaysia. These awards include the People's Choice Award, Editors' Choice Award, Best Compact Sedan, Compact Sedan of the Year, and the list goes on.

Proton Saga, due to the features it provides, can quickly be crowned as the perfect family car and the best sedan in Pakistan, which remains unmatched in its category by competitors and is the intelligent choice for families.